This is the story of energy transitions that have changed the lives of billions of people. Over the last 200 years, we have come full circle. For thousands of years we used the sun, wind and water, our muscles and those of farm animals. Then came the era of fossil fuels, when we burned organic remains in the form of coal, oil and gas. We have used more and more energy, which has ultimately lead to a climate crisis. The time has come for a new return. Can the energy transition to renewables be a lifeline for humanity? What is the biggest challenge? What are the risks? Do we still have time?

Curator and Writer: Aleksandra Jach
Concept: Michał Dąbrowski
Aleksandra Jach
Graphic Design and Visuals: Michał Dąbrowski
Website: Łukasz Grochowski
Composer: Monochrom Studio
Voiceover: Beata Bandurska
Jodie Baltazar
Voiceover Recording Studio Wieloślad
Translation: Lauren Dubowski
Editor: Anna Papiernik
Scientific Consultant: Kacper Szulecki
Producer: Marta Michalak
Communications and PR: Agnieszka Tiutiunik
Promotions: Klara Duniec

Organizer: Biennale Warszawa
Instytucja Kultury Warszawa

In Collaboration With RATS Agency

Media Partners: NN6T, TOK FM, Le Monde Diplomatique, Pismo

Special Thanks:

A+A+J, Katarzyna Czeczot, Mateusz Janik, Piotr Kokorczak, Alice Martin, Krzysztof Pijarski, Michał Piasecki, Krzysztof Skoczylas, Piotr Trzaskowski, Urszula Zajączkowska

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