Buried Sun Energy00:09
An Accident in a Chilean Mine01:32
Historical Turning Points02:16

Chapter 1 Energy Culture

The Green New Deal03:14
Creating Norms04:20
The Myth of Clean, Free Energy05:42

Chapter 2 Democracy and Fossil Fuels

Miners as a Political Force07:09
Oil-Producing Countries09:54
The “Seven Sisters”11:18
Oil Alliances and the Middle East12:24

Chapter 3 Oil Culture

Oil and the Marshall Plan13:17
The Rise of OPEC14:09
Car Culture14:57
The Rebranding of Oil Companies15:57

Chapter 4 The Oil Crises

The Yom Kippur War17:08
Saving Energy17:46
The Second Oil Crisis18:59
Jimmy Carter’s Warm Blazer19:30
The Carter Doctrine20:11

Chapter 5 Energy Democracy and Resource Depletion

The Wind Revolution in Denmark21:15
Germany’s Energy Transition22:07
Owning the Means of Production22:41
Energy Communities23:45
Non-Renewable Resources24:17
Competition for Land26:56
The Energy Internet27:35

Chapter 6 Who Drives Overconsumption?

Energy Poverty30:28
The Global South and Energy31:19
A 2,000-Watt Society32:06
The Holy Grail of the Energy Industry33:28

Chapter 7 Energy and The Climate Crisis

Deep Transformation34:26
The Challenges of the Future35:53
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